Friday, July 23, 2010

Pack Like an Egyptian

Yesterday, we happily decided it is time to head back to Egypt for a few weeks. Next month.
That means we have just a little over 30 days to:

  • Apply for and receive Siraj’s passport
  • Obtain travel visas for myself, Ismaeel, and Siraj
  • Double check everyone’s status re: travel shots
  • Review travel advice for Ismaeel & Siraj
  • Buy weather appropriate travel clothing and shoes for everyone
  • Buy enough formula, organic baby food, diapers, Pull-Ups, and wipes to last the entire trip
  • Buy a travel crib for Siraj and a portable DVD player for Ismaeel
  • Transition projects at work
  • Remove the old photos from my SD Card
  • Wax nostalgic about the wide angle lens for my camera that I still didn't buy
  • Upgrade our mobile data plans to allow for international roaming
  • Get Ismaeel one last haircut before we go
  • Pack, pack, and pack
As usual, it will be a hectic month ahead and I am considerably daunted to travel with a busy toddler and mobile infant but know that our family vacation is long overdue. We miss having breakfast together in our Cairo apartment and are already counting down the days until we can introduce little Siraj to all of his Egyptian family.
Wish us luck for a safe and sane flight!


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